Know the signs


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The Know The Signs website lets you find out which of seven embarrassing characters you or your friends are when you have one drink too many. From CCTV footage of a bar you can see a reflection of everyday parties & nightlife and spot 5 of the embarrassing characters as they show the signs. You can also view 3 provocative films that show how, if you don’t know the signs, you can end ruining the night for you, your friends and others.

Everyone seems to agree; when one of your friends has had one too many, they transform into a different character. We’ve defined these characters as The Crier, The Fighter, The Sleeper, The Exhibitionist, The Stumbler, The Flirt and The Groper.

It happens everywhere, in a bar, nightclub, pub, restaurant, disco or at a party, but now you can show your friends what character they turn into after one drink too many. Add the Know the Signs Tag of Shame application to your social network. Using real photos, you can turn friends into the unwelcome characters they became the night before with different character-specific assets. You can then tag their de-faced, shame-faced picture for all their friends to see.

On a night out, show your friends the signs with our ‘Breathalyzer’. This great iPhone app lets you “breathalyze” friends to find out what character they could be turning into on a night out. It will then show them one of the provocative films from the Know The Signs website.